Calandstraat 25

  • Restaurants 1 min
  • Cinema 8 min
  • Shops 10 min
  • Central Station 15 min
  • Museum 7 min
  • Euromast 2 min
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Little old harbour Veerhaven

Just around the corner there is an old harbour with lots of nice restaurants and bars. Enjoy the view across the Maas river, while eating a lovely dinner or enjoying a nice cocktail.

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The Euromast Park

Calandstraat 25’s backyard is the Euromast Park, where you can chill, relax, have a picknick or just take a walk or jog.
The park has some nice restaurants and bars, where you can take a morning coffee, or a nice glass of wine after a long day of work.

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Witte de Withstraat

A 10 minute walk will bring you to one of the most popular streets in Rotterdam. Always something to do, the Witte de Withstreet is not only popular in Rotterdam but also around the world. With it’s bar “De Witte Aap” being the most popular bar in Europe in the Lonely Planet back in 2009.

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